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How To Sell Solar Without Buying Leads

Solar Marketing

A number of solar contractors have told me that buying solar leads are a waste of time and money. One owner explained “you just get the bottom rung shopper looking for the cheapest price they can How to sell solarget” while several others reported that most for-pay lead gen sites are either way too customer oriented or just plain “trash.”

Content marketing can offer an effective alternative to this frustrating way of generating leads. It operates on the principle that when you look to sell solar you bring leads to you rather than chase them because buyers prefer it that way. The data support this:

  • 81% of shoppers engage in online research before making a purchase
  • 77% of business buyers insist on doing lengthy research before agreeing to interact with a salesperson
  • 74% of B2B customers conduct more than half of their research online

Additionally, evidence shows that content marketing is more cost effective: the average cost per lead drops by 80% following five months of consistent content marketing. Given all this, I’ve rounded up some information about how solar contractors can effectively use engaging content to sell solar.

Evidence shows that content marketing is more cost effective: the average cost per lead drops by 80% following five months of consistent content marketing.

Low Cost, High Quality Lead Gen

Erik Curren of The Curren Group’s free ebook, Stop Buying Solar Leads and Start Making Your Own Better Ones, is a detailed, practical primer for the solar marketer looking to fully embrace the move from traditional solar marketing to inbound lead generation online to sell solar. Curren outlines six steps of the process: building buyer personas (ideal customer profiles), researching for keywords optimization (SEO), publishing highly readable and relevant blog posts, attracting traffic through social media and email, using calls-to-action effectively and capturing a visitor’s info through forms. What’s great about this ebook is that, like the Curren Group website and team, it takes the flood of information on digital marketing available on the Internet and funnels it through a solar specific paradigm. Very handy.

To access the ebook go to Curren Media’s Solar Marketing Resources page and download it at the bottom of the page. I would also recommend Curren’s excellent book, The Solar Sales Leap, for more detailed info on this whole process and more.

Key quote: “…now the only time a prospect wants to talk to your company at all is if he’s already expressed an interest in your solar offering and has already given your his permission for you to contact him about it… Consumers of all big purchases, including residential solar, now expect you to have their permission before you contact them. Without that permission, solar leads are nearly worthless.”

Spice Up Your B2B Content Marketing

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How To Rock Your Solar Customer’s World

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Customer experience is crucial to a solar company’s success and continued growth. Meeting (or exceeding) their expectations is top priority for many solar contractors.

I interviewed Erin, a woman who got her solar panels through SolarCity about 3 years ago, to get her feedback on her installation experience. Erin is a NY suburbanite in her mid 30s who is very Internet and social media savvy (she is a successful blogger at Emma Westchester blog). She is signed up as a “Solar Ambassador” which means she gets cash back for her referrals.

Erin walked me through her experience getting the installation and told me that, overall, the whole process was seamless and professional. Below are some particular insights I found interesting.

The Phone Interviews

The rep’s ability to be patient, clear and detailed throughout the initial interview(s) was key for putting her at ease and helping her make the commitment. It was very important the he could anticipate all her questions and have answers, documents to send and links she could view right away (both on the call and afterwards). Erin’s questions for the rep ranged from technical and financial to questions like “why don’t people use this more?” and “who is using it in my area?”

The Paperwork

The paperwork, which she had been dreading, was “a breeze” because it arrived in a packet with where and how to sign clearly laid out for her and a self-addressed/pre-paid envelope she could use to just drop it back in the mail.

During The Installation

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