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Solar Case StudyCase studies are incredibly popular with marketers. The Content Marketing Institute noted in 2016 that: the top goals of B2B content marketing are lead generation and sales and that 82% of them use case studies to reach these goals, second only to social media channels.

Why? Because they’re terrific social proof that your product works. They validate your company and build serious amounts of trust with homeowners and businesses alike. Surprisingly, I have found that very few solar companies use them, or don’t have any residential stories beyond some photos. So to have compelling, well-written success stories that speak to both homeowners and business buyers would clearly separate you from your competitors.

And once you do have a solar case study, how do you use it? Here are strategies for marketing your case studies to prospects.

On your solar website

Have a separate case studies page. You can call it “Case Studies” or “Success Stories” (one solar company calls it “Our Work”). Make it easy to view them in this section with one or all of these tactics:

  • Include a quick summary overview of the solar case study with the option to click further to read the whole document. This summary can be like SunPower’s popup box with a short list and image or HubSpot’s short paragraph summary with image, key quote and stats
  • Allow them to either view all of them or to group them by type: residential or commercial, or by industry
  • Offer the option to actually download and print the study to retain your document design and branding (great for commercial buyers who want to pass it around the company)
  • Use the title and a short paragraph to compel the prospect to click further by highlighting key benefits or addressing  prospect concerns. Solar Design did when they titled their residential case study Protecting Your Home’s Roof When Installing Solar and a commercial case study titled Solar Reduces Operating Cost of a Retail Business, Increases Profitability
  • Include a mix of written and video case studies, giving your prospects as many options as possible to be engaged

Consider putting a solar case study directly on your home page, whether in video form, as a teaser paragraph and image with call-to-action (CTA) to view more, in a tasteful slide-in CTA  or as a customer testimonial.

You can place links to your solar case study in press releases and post a blog article that pulls relatable details, emphasizing the customer’s experiences and practical tips. Include an engaging title that focuses on a key prospect concern or question like How to Finally Lock in Your Utility Rate – A Case Study.

You can also sprinkle logos, customer quotes and key stats from your case studies around the site like placing raves about your troubleshooting during a tricky installation on your services page or a great quote from the happy CFO on your financing support page. Just make sure you pull quotes that have enough context that they fully tell a story on their own.

You can also sprinkle logos, customer quotes and key stats from your case studies around your website.

Beyond your website

Share your case studies on social media with links and images, complete with CTAs and text that pull the prospect in by focusing on a problem solved or ROI. Plus, try out customer photos as channel cover images. If you’re comfortable with this, ask the customer in the case study to share the story on Twitter or Facebook.

You can also use them for targeted email campaigns like sending that auto dealer carport install to your auto dealer prospects or a happy homeowner success story to someone living in the same locale. Litmus even suggests putting a link Solar homeownerto a case study in your email signaturePitch the success story to media publications, in both the solar industry local news outlets, particularly if the install includes unusual elements or new tech. They can run it as a feature article or alongside other interviews.

Case studies are a terrific tool for sales reps because they can be used at any stage of the buying process. Given that most people prefer to do the bulk of their research before approaching a solar contractor directly, a persuasive solar case study can be a strong addition to a sales conversation with a prospect who already has considerable knowledge. Case studies can also be repurposed as special reports and PowerPoint presentations.

Case studies are a terrific tool for sales reps because they can be used at any stage of the buying process.


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