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Case study writerSelling Solar with Success Stories

Your solar case studies highlight the advantages of doing business with you and offer your prospect the definitive information they need to make a decision about working with your company.

However, it can be difficult to research these stories and tell them in a way that captures the voices of your customers and the true value of your business. Compelling case studies need a case study writer who is a careful planner, expert at client management and interviewing, and skillful with draft development. I can help your company step through this process with ease, from the initial research to the completed draft.

Commercial Case Studies for Building Trust

A solar company needs to communicate reliability and trustworthiness, particularly for something as substantial an investment as a commercial solar installation. You can do this by creating top quality success stories.

Businesses are constantly being sold to via ads and sales calls. A great way to separate yourself from the herd is to connect with the business buyer through a customer’s voice. Ultimately, solar case studies that combine engaging storytelling, relatable customer testimonials, and persuasive hard data about ROI are B2B marketing gold.

My Case Study Writing Services

  • Comprehensive information gathering regarding goals, audience, key ideas and format preferences using in house materials, sales and marketing team discussions
  • Customer interview questionnaire development and administration to align customer feedback with your marketing strategy and value proposition
  • Effective draft revision and approval management with in house editor and the customer
  • SEO keyword research and integration
  • Creation of an SEO case study that meets your objectives, between 1-4+ pages with optional quick facts, sidebar quotes and bulleted highlights
  • Professional formatting and design – provided by my design partner

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