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A Solar Energy Blog That Boosts Conversion Rates

A well written, SEO solar energy blog is vital to your marketing strategy. It boosts your site traffic and your search visibility and ranking with keyword rich content and inbound links. It improves your conversion rate by offering countless opportunities for you to connect with homeowners and businesses and capture their information.

The blog content itself positions your company as an authoritative source of information and supports your social media marketing by encouraging sharing and discussion. And if you choose a
relaxed, relatable tone for the posts, they offer prospects a glimpse into a more personable side of your company.

Commercial Blogging For All Your Business Buyers

Blog content that speaks to the particular needs of every person with decision making authority about solar is incredibly persuasive. For businesses, this could be the owner or it could be a whole variety of people with different concerns, like the facilities manager, the CFO or the Superintendent of Schools. And blog posts that target your company’s industries are equally important given that the auto dealer might want to know about solar canopies while the hospital administrator needs to hear about new financing tools for small businesses.

Since very few solar contractors blog for commercial prospects, providing targeted, informative content would clearly differentiate your company.

What I Do

If you don’t have the time or resources to maintain regular posting, I can help. I can work with your marketing team to understand your brand and key marketing messages and develop content that
speaks to your target audience. Whether working on an existing solar energy blog or designing one from scratch, I can help you connect with your audience in a way that conveys your company’s unique vision and entices them to explore further.

My SEO Blog Writing Services

SEO articles click to read more

  • Between 300 and 1,500+ words, with two rounds of copyediting
  • Accompanying graphics/images
  • Formatting and tag/category assignment
  • Posting frequency from one post per month to multiple times a week
  • Posting management

Content strategy click to read more

  • Blog category/topic/type generation
  • SEO keyword research and competitive analysis (existing and new blog)
  • Research using inhouse company materials, sales and marketing team interviews, other industry sources
  • Buyer persona research and development

Editorial calendar management click to read more

  • Shared editorial calendar for scheduling document and project oversight
  • Monthly conferencing to discuss content, strategy, metrics analysis

Metric tracking and reporting click to read more

  • Track blog metrics like visitors, page views, social shares, comments and conversions
  • Analyze these measurements and adjust blogging strategy accordingly

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