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Need high-quality content but don’t want to add one more thing to your plate?

Find solar lead generation to be expensive and low quality?

I can help. I create content for solar marketing campaigns that is targeted, well written, and comes from several years experience working with solar contractors around their pain points and goals.


Blog Writing
Boost site traffic and connect with homeowners and businesses wanting to know more about solar.
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Case Studies
Use compelling success stories to help prospects conclude that you are the best company to trust with their installation.
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White Papers & Ebooks
Distinguish your company as the one to go to for clear explanations and solid advice with unique, premium content.
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I write compelling SEO marketing materials that can: 

  • Help create access to high quality, exclusive leads by capturing contact info for people genuinely interested in solar
  • Distinguish your company as an authority on key issues concerning your residential and commercial prospects
  • Create an effective alternative to door to door, cold calling and buying leads
  • Simplify issues that are barriers during the sales process like financing, incentives and the complexity of commercial installations
  • Offer material to use to create multiple touch points for customers to give reviews, referrals and feedback
  • Sustain interest in your products and brand in the local and regional communities
  • Educate and combat misinformation about solar installations, government and utility policies, and the industry in general
“Sara has the rare ability to take complex data and boil it down to its essence, but keep it relevant and compelling. Conversely, she is able to analyze data and broaden it out by drawing conclusions and illustrating trends in order to let readers know why they should care. I’m a fan!”
Vincent Battaglia
CEO, Renova Energy
“Sara takes my jumble of notes and ideas and turns it into copy that informs and inspires people to take action. I can turn over a writing project to her and feel confident that she will return copy that is compelling and accurate.”
Jen Olson
Marketing Director, A&R Solar 
“I highly recommend Sara to anyone in the solar industry looking to improve client deliverables. Sara has a great knack for getting in the trenches with solar developers large and small and learning what their needs and concerns are while sharing feedback in a manner that informs and often confirms methods that lead to more potential projects for both established and emerging solar system providers.”
Brandon Leavitt
President, Solar Service Inc.
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For the past three years, I’ve enjoyed receiving Sara’s emails that cover many subjects related to our mission of providing practical, affordable and reliable solar solutions for a variety of clients and applications. – Brandon Leavitt, Solar Service Inc., monthly subscriber