About Us

Sara Carbone
President and co-founder

Sara has experience as an educator and software designer and trainer. She has designed contact, inventory and development databases for small to large sized Manhattan based companies. One year long project involved designing and maintaining asset management database for the props and costume departments of  the CBS television programs As The World Turns and Guiding Light.

Sara provided individual, small group and classroom sized software trainings and troubleshooting sessions for various non-profit and for profit companies. Organizations included: five departments of the television programs As The World Turns and Guiding Light owned by Televest; the insurance division of Leucadia National Corp, a holding company; the staff of The Mental Health Association in New Jersey; and the teaching staff of Good Shepherd Academy.

Sara has also been a private academic tutor for the past thirteen years and has blogged about education, writing, technology, books and music. She is a Princeton University graduate.

In her spare time Sara sings and writes pop tunes and wrangles her two incredibly active kids.

Carlo Zelaya-Boquin
Product Manager and co-founder

Carlo has over ten years of experience as the Business Manager for Intranet sites and tools for a Fortune 500 company. He has designed, built, and implemented online tools supporting the company’s personnel globally. Carlo has been accountable for resolving business side issues for Packaging, Quality Assurance, and Manufacturing.

Carlo has also been Lead Trainer and global point of contact for vendor specification compliance. He has experience as the hands on manager of a pilot program to redesign the artwork routing process affecting tens of thousands of skus. In this project he successfully reduced lead time and cost of production three years in a row and the success of the program led to the establishment of a new group in the company.

Carlo loves technology, history and goofing around with his family.

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Our Work in the Solar Industry

Create Velocity is currently in the process of creating BuildVelocity, office/field project management software for the U.S. residential solar industry, in close consultation with a number of rooftop contractors. We researched the needs of these companies by communicating with over forty experienced business owners to identify their most pressing needs.

Check out the link to BuildVelocity to learn more about it and request a demo.

We seek to help these solar contractors reach as many people as possible because we believe that the more homeowners and businesses have access to affordable solar power the better our planet will be.

Much of our blog is comprised of the results from our conversations with installers.